Groove Talks is a fun destination. We want to provide easy and joyful access to jazz education and life (yes, life) inspiration, coming from top world jazz musicians.

Why we want to do that?

We believe jazz education should not be elite only. We believe jazz education can be bright and modern and happen online.

We believe online is the strongest chance we reach as big audience as possible.

We want to provide amazing content. Some of it is paid and all the profits go to providing a jazz education and events in Eastern Europe, where, unfortunately, there is a poor access to all that jazz is – for musicians and for jazz lovers too.

Who we are?

We are a small team with background in Jazz/Jazz Education; Business and Product development; Marketing. We don’t have salaries and an office. 100% of sales go straight to developing the jazz community in Eastern Europe, starting with Bulgaria.

Who Groove Talks is for?

Music lovers. Professional musicians. Jazz educators. Students. Bands. Everyone, who wants to be inspired at everyday life.

What to expect?

We are publishing exclusive content from top jazz musicians and educators. We offer a blog, newsletter updates and video courses – some free, and some not. J