September 13, 2018

How does a drummer learn from a trombone player?

Is it possible for a trombone player to teach different jazz instrumentalists and vocalists?


The jazz musician must perceive himself as more than an instrumentalist. He must have an understanding of the specifics of all instruments in the composition. That’s why,


indeed, everyone can learn something from a musician who does not play an identical instrument.


 It’s not enough just the drummer in a jazz band to be rhythmic. Each member of the band must have the same understanding of the rhythm. Lyudmil Krumov (another guest of Groove Atelier) argues that every jazzman must be somewhere a drummer. It is important to understand and feel the music in complexity and to understand how things are on the other side.


Everyone in the band must understand, hear and know the harmony of each piece. It is necessary to know the stylistics of each instrument in order to be able to join in to the point and in the right moment.


Only in this way can a real improvisation be made when you are on stage!



We learn more on the topic from the interview with Nikola Goryalov, Svetoslav Arabadjiev and Dimitar Sirakov on Bulgarian National Radio.

Bulgarian readers can hear it over here.

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